Areas of Research


The research will cover a diverse range of activities involved in the production of pharmaceutically active compounds.  These include design (molecular modelling), synthesis (construction of molecules, purification of molecular substances), analysis (elucidation and identification of molecular substances), pre-formulation, (determination of physico-chemical characteristics), formulation (combination of API and excipients into suitable dosage forms), process development and control (control of crystal form and habit, crystal size distribution, process scale up).

The UPCRO site is uniquely placed to offer research opportunities in the full range of these activities.  The UPCRO Site projects have been developed to allow talented UREKA applicants to choose their specific area of interest, while the UPCRO activities will allow exposure to all aspects.

UPCRO Site project will be divided into the following four themes:

Synthesis of pharmaceutically active compounds
Analysis of pharmaceutically active compounds

Formulation of pharmaceutically active compounds

Crystallisation of pharmaceutically active compounds

Projects titles and details will be available soon.  Check back for more details!
Areas of Research
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